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If you are a prospective Matco Distributor looking for your first Tool Truck, please see the related information at the bottom of this page.

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2009 Chevrolet
Wilmington, DE

2006 International
Ontario Canada ,

2007 Freightliner
Glendale, AZ

2001 Freightliner
Dunnellon, FL

2000 Chevrolet
Kuna, ID

2007 GMC
Central, MI

2010 Freightliner

2008 Chevrolet
Portland, OR

2008 GMC

1997 International
Bettendorf, IA

2002 GMC
Boston, MA

1998 Chevrolet
Huntington, IN

2005 Freightliner
Chicago, IL

For New Matco Tools Distributors looking for your first Tool Truck:

Matco Tools has established New and Used Truck Specifications for new franchisees. Meeting the initial specs is only the first step; your truck must also be inspected and given final approval by Matco Tools. So it is important to consider only trucks that comply with these specifications.

Highlights of the current truck specifications provided by Matco Tools as of 4/12 (subject to change without notice, always check with your MatcoTools representative) are:

................Model Year: 2007 and newer

Truck Mileage Limits: 100,000 miles or less on Isuzu/GM C5500; 75,000 or less on Step Van

.......................Interior: Red/gray or black carpet on walls

We did not include the entire Truck Specifications list here. More information on initial truck approval is available from your Matco Tools representative.

Are you considering leasing your first truck? Trans Lease Inc is the preferred leasing company for Matco Tools, and many of the trucks on this page have assumable leases through Trans Lease. If the information in the ad includes "Assumable Lease", ask the seller for details.

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