Tool Truck Financing

ToolTrucks.com makes financing a used Tool Truck a WHOLE LOT easier. "Used" Tool Truck in our world means as far back as a 1990. Most of the trucks we finance are 2002 - 2016.

Experienced in the Tool Business 2 years or more or previously self-employed 2 years or more, you qualify for:

* The option of Longer Terms: up to 72 months on many used trucks, even 84 months on a 1-year old truck

* Low rates

* Low upfront money / down payment / typically the first and last payment

* You own it at the end of the term, no balloon payment.

* Leasing and Financing is also available for Tool Trucks not listed here, so if you are buying a truck from a friend or selling him yours, we can help too.

* Finance the amount you and your seller agree on; we do not set a limit on it, let the market speak! $10,000 - $175,000

* Loans or Leases available

The good trucks go fast, we recommend you get pre-approved now so you are ready to buy when you see it *.

New to the Tool Business / or Less than 2 years?

Bring your:

Good credit, minimum mid to high 600 FICO score, and lease up to $46,000.
First and last payment and a document charge, and -0- buyout at the end of the term
Terms up to 60 months

When starting out in the business with one of the Big Four Tool Companies, we say your first and best option is to support your Tool Company-preferred Leasing Vendor for a late-model or new truck. In many cases, such as you want to start in a new truck or due to used truck model year requirements, they are your only option.

And if you want a lower cost older truck? Some Tool companies allow you to get into an older truck if you have outside financing, and we can help. If you are starting as an Independent, we can also help.

Questions? We're glad to talk about financing a truck with you. When starting out, a lot of things are coming at you at one time. If in the business a while, you may have questions about leasing your second or next truck. You are welcome to call Tom at 770-277-1316. No upsell, no pressure.

Just want ballpark payments? Here's the form for a quick lease quote. Dave will contact you promptly with some useful info, and he is not pushy. If you have a specific truck in mind, please tell us which one in the comments.

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* Diesel trucks added emissions equipment for 2008, and the perfect storm of the resulting $10,000 - $15,000 price increase AND our slow economy reduced new truck sales. There were just not as many 2008 - 2011 new trucks sold as in normal years so the supply of used trucks for these years is lower. When the economy improved after 2012, used Tool Truck sales really took off. Certain makes and models sell very quickly (no BS), so pre-approval really helps you get the one you want!