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Delivery & Transport Options - US and Canada

Truck Truck pick up and delivery is available. A Specialty Truck like a Tool Truck is a long-term investment, and a professional transport charge amounts to a very small percentage of the cost of a truck. Don't let the thought of a few days of driving keep you from getting the truck you want. Sellers, you can get this info for your prospects, it could close the sale on your truck.

The delivery company we will refer you to specializes in moving commercial vehicles using DOT-certified, licensed, bonded, and insured professional drivers. Many Tool Trucks have been transported by this company over the years, including moves for all the Automotive Tool companies and most of the Tool Truck builders. If you identify your company name you will receive national account pricing.

It’s easy to get a no-obligation quote by email. No one will call unless you want a followup. The quote will be for a driver door to door - he will pick up the vehicle and drive it to you, with a proper license plate and insurance. Fill in the form below and you will receive a quote by email. Quotes are based on “zip code to zip code", fast and easy. Flatbed transport is also offered, but the quote will take longer to provide and tends to cost more than a driven vehicle. Please reply to the email if you would like a flatbed transport quote.

A note to our Canadian buyers and sellers: A US-based delivery company can transport to the US/Canadian border nearest you, and will bring a truck into Canada on a select basis. There are customs brokers that assist with the necessary forms. For transport that starts and stays within Canada, US companies are unable to do so per Canadian law, so we will refer you to a Canadian company if you need one.

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